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A slumber is not death, and Samudra is not done.

We have returned to capture the ears, eyes, and hearts of a generation who yearn for acceptance and progression; all while their chances have been systematically undermined by those in power. We have always been a forward thinking, progressive metal band and with our new EP "Efflux" we aim to define our voice in the static of modern media.

Efflux: To flow out, like or as a wave.

This EP was originally intended to provide a buffer between our previous full length "Reformation" and another full length that we began writing in late 2012/2013.

However, as members changed and life had its way of interrupting we decided to really dedicate our time to making this EP a true expression of our more refined sound.

While "Reformation" was a broad mixture of our musical tastes, spanning all the way from technical death metal to more experimental jazz sounds; Efflux is a much more concise musical endeavor.

We crafted 6 songs of our own brand of progressive metal; 30 minutes of passionate, technically demanding, 7-string guitar based aggressive music.

This album's themes don't shy away from the harsher elements of life; touching on issues like depression/suicide, religion, guilt, and regret.

This album was recorded over the past three years, 2013-2016. Many incarnations of Samudra have come and gone in that time, and thus there are many people to thank.

Thank you to Mike Homen, James Bianco, Randy Rigg, Matt Fransen, Mike Underwood, and Todd Encarnacion for all helping this EP to come into existence. Your contributions to the band both musically and through your friendships have shaped our current sound and provided us motivation to constantly improve ourselves and push our boundaries.

You are all Samudra.


released August 23, 2016

All music written and recorded by Samudra
All lyrics written by Patrick English
Except track 4, "Without Light" written by Patrick English and Mike Homen
Produced by Patrick English and Michael Cooper
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Cooper

The "Charles Darwin" quote at the beginning of Ancient Sun is from a talk that Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss gave on February 4th, 2012 called "Something From Nothing." It is of course, Dawkins speaking.
No copyright infringement is intended, merely an attempt to inspire our listeners and help introduce that song's theme. Fair Use clause 17 U.S.C. § 107.



all rights reserved


Samudra Los Angeles, California

We are a progressive metal band from Los Angeles, California. We play our own brand of forward thinking, progressive metal. Our music is inspired by the world around us and life itself and is only limited by the constraints of our own minds. We hope you will enjoy the songs and hope they affect you into thinking more about the world around you and how you perceive it. ... more

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Track Name: Atlantis
I'd love to tell you what it is like
knowing I would be the one to end this life.
By the time that answer comes to me
there will be no words, no explanation.
How am I supposed to scream for help when no one is listening?
When their struggles are greater than mine?

What will it feel like?
When the feeling comes...
Will I feel at all?
Have I ever?

I long to tell this to anyone who will listen.
Who will listen?

I am the most unhappy man.
An eternal longing to be anywhere but here constantly fills my mind.

Let my voice fill your empty hearts.
Let my words carry your burdens.

Together, alone.
Never? Forever.

We all will die, and in that final breath we are all alone, together.

Longing for escape, the dark doorway steadily encroaching.

This heart, sewn in ash.
This mind, fragmented in the deep.
This existence, like waves upon the shore.

The ebb and flow of a broken existence weigh heavy on this being.
Treading water in a forlorn ocean, aching to give in to its might.

Give in, give in.
Escape lies in the deep.
Succumb to its might.


The flood came; washed away my heart, my mind, my existence.
Buried beneath the weight of all things, I never saw more clearly.
Free to wander the depths, I am still searching.
Hope must lie in the darkest of places.
Track Name: The Missing
Cold-hearted replies spill over the walls that keep you so safe from the world.
Yet you're so alone, and nobody knows; save for the author.

Let your true colors shine through, stop throwing stones in your glass house.
The walls keep anyone from getting in,
but so do they restrain your escape.

Confinement; no one to trust, no harm can be done.
And if I was telling the truth, you are just another missing piece.

One day we will no longer hurt.
Our answers won't show our pain.
One day you will find your heart.
(and) I'll find the forgiveness I can not bear now.
Track Name: Ancient Sun (Heliosis)
Oh Ancient Sun,
I am lost among shadows of dying stars.
The earth gives way as the leaves find rest within the ground.

A vision twisted by the eyes of a thousand.
The light seems to shift within my mind.
Illuminating that which I never saw before.
Beacons of the past, divine to those who blindly trust in you.
(I'll bow to no one who sees without open eyes)

We are all lost here.
We are the messengers.

Oh Ancient Sun,
We are all lost here, shadows of former selves.
The ground beneath our feet has never been so unsteady.
We were not meant for this disillusion.
Our minds will one day break free and rest within this peace.

A vision broken by the hands of another.
The light starts to shift before our eyes.
Illuminating that which we always knew was there.
Beacons of your past, blinding you to the truth at hand.
(No solace in the light that you've taken from me)

We are all lost here.
We are the light in the dark.

Oh foolish ones,
Can't you see that you're all trapped by your beliefs?
Oh forsaken truths,
We will never be forgiven.
Track Name: Without Light
Hold your breath, you're slipping between the cracks.
Another line in the sand is drawn, by the hands of Time.
Everyone had gone and I was the only way out.

In birth I became the monster you always knew,
was rotting away inside of you.

I was the monster, the sickness inside of you

I'm the disease, I'm the disease,
sucking the life from your eyes.
The light is gone.

Without light we are left alone to wander.
In the dark we find solace.
Our dark does not define who we are.
Destiny is not predetermined.

Tired eyes speak volumes of a boy you once knew.
Don't bother trying, I can't be saved.

Lines in the sand, drawing nearer every moment.
The end is here.

I was the monster, the sickness inside of you.

Without light we are left alone to wander.
In the darkness we find solace.
Our dark does not define who we are.
Our destiny is not predetermined.

To conquer this, would set me free.

The absence of light is overwhelming,
yet we find our way through the darkness.
It is our peace, it is our calm, it is ours to define.
Our destiny is not set in stone
Track Name: Displacement
(and) In that brief moment, she loved me.
The words vanished from my throat.
For once, the pain absent from my mind.
Displacement, the pain given to one so undeserving.
I washed away every strand of hope with all my empty words.

The only solace I have found is in the music,
and the words I have commit to paper.

Our lives captured by the ink on this page.
They bare witness to the dark, defined by brief moments of opposing light.
All I have to offer is the overwhelming darkness.
An abyss of cold words, perfectly aligned with the sky.
Absent of stars, devoid of the illumination I have betrayed.

Slowly consumed, our words become entwined within the dark.

(and) We'll dance in perfect time to a song that has no words,
(and) We'll smother our own hearts in thoughtless nouns and useless verbs.
Track Name: A Promise Between Impossibilities
One year.
The longest trip around the morning star.
Old wounds, new pains.
This is healing; letting go.
Learning how to live.

Where are you, and where am I?
The path long since abandoned, is lost among the ruin.
Covered in ash, hidden even to familiar eyes.

Forgotten movements, the mind relapses now and then.
Memories thought lost, play out like tarnished film.

“A fire. Questions with no answer. A shoulder for crying eyes. I'm sorry”

“Guilt. Another sleepless night. The mind wanders.
I found you in dark places. Cold. All I feel”

“A promise between impossibilities, escapes the minds.
Rediscovered, buried in misplaced words.”

If ever our paths should cross may our eyes not seek to deceive our minds, our hearts.
It has been so long...